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Being Absent from Work: How Do You Write a Formal Letter Asking for Permission?

Writing a letter of permission asking for days off work should be acquired at least one day before you intend to be absent. This way, your supervisor will get the professionalism vibe off you. Besides, always being in the right books with the seniors at work will always end up well for you.

How Do You Write a Formal Letter Asking for Permission
How Do You Write a Formal Letter Asking for Permission

One thing to keep in mind when composing a permission letter is honesty. This will give you a peace of mind and there is going to be nothing to compromise, not your work and not your value as an employee. If you are currently asking yourself “how do you write a formal letter asking for permission?“ then read on and educate yourself!

Take Note, Folks!

Always remember that there is a possibility that you won’t be granted permission. However, in most cases this is because you have exhausted all of your contracted leave days. Therefore, it’s good to know what you can do to influence positive reply. Getting a positive feedback can be achieved by following these tricks:

  • Avoid surprising your boss. Inform him prior and avoid sending the letter early in the morning if your intended absent is on that same day. You could get a one-on-one session with your boss if it’s possible and explain it yourself. By actively and directly playing a part in this decision, getting a yes is easy peasy.
  • Try to get your boss to be on the same page as you by getting him to understand the necessity of your taking leave. This is intended to get your boss to empathise with you and ultimately give you permission.
  • Don’t forget to explain how your work will be done while you are not at work. All bosses want to avoid work jam and that’s the main reason why they deny their employees any leave. As long as you have a good plan on how to maintain your work flow, you’re good to go!
  • Always use a respectful language and tone because it’s basically a request letter. So, really, the most relevant answer above anything else to the “how do you write a formal letter asking for permission?” question is by sounding respectful in your letter.

How to Draft it

Now, it’s time to draft the letter. This letter of permission should be concise, brief and precise. Basically, this one also follows the standard letter format. What makes it different is its content and tone. When drafting your letter, you should include these important parts:

  • Your address
  • The recipient’s address
  • The subject heading
  • The body of the letter
  • Sign out respectfully

Note that, in the body of the letter you should always start by asking for permission and the period you should be granted for a leave. Then, state the reason why you plan to be off work. Lastly, you should explain how you are going to maintain your work flow during your absent so as to ensure your boss that nothing will be compromise. Note that, you should state that you are hoping for a positive feedback.

So, does this answer your “how do you write a formal letter asking for permission?” question?